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About GAERNE (pronounced "GAR-NAY") Based in Coste di Maser in the Province of Treviso, Italy, Gaerne was founded in 1962 by a master in sports footwear production, ERNESTO GAZZOLA, the company’s namesake. Today, Gaerne is a leader in the sports footwear sector, selling its products throughout the world. 

GAERNE’s focus is on uncompromised quality. Only the best materials are used and every detail is designed and tested to ensure that all footwear meets the essential requisites of a 

GAERNE shoe - wearability, comfort, strength, and protection. GAERNE initially offered a vast range of leisure footwear, with particular reference to mountain pursuits. During later years, as the company grew, it diversified its products to include development of new lines, first for Motorcycle Rider and later for Cycling. 

The know-how acquired from years of producing top quality mountain footwear enabled GAERNE to rapidly earn a name for itself as a leader in the cycling market as well. 

GAERNE develops its products in collaboration with leading champions, such as Claudio Chiappuchi, Marco Pantani, Sean Kelly, Steven Roche, Cadel Evans and Bert Grabsch, combining experience gained at legendary races like the Vuelta a Espana, Giro d’ Italia and the Tour de France, with avant-garde materials and the skills and traditions of expert craftsmen, resulting in what are considered to be the World’s Finest Cycling Shoes. 

All Gaerne Shoe are still proudly Handmade in Italy.